23 Juillet 2024
China says Hong Kong protest song ban 'necessary measure'
2 mois il y a
China has hacked the Ministry of Defence, Sky News understands
Chinese President: The main priority in Gaza is to ensure the delivery of aid
Chinese President: The main way out of the current crisis is to implement the two-state solution
Chinese President: The urgent task is to reach a comprehensive ceasefire in Gaza as quickly as possible
President of the European Commission: Relations between the European Union and China are complex
Macron au président chinois : La situation internationale rend le dialogue entre l'Union européenne et Pékin plus important que jamais
2 mois il y a
China launches Chang'e-6 lunar probe: state media
Macron stresses the protection of "strategic interests" in relations with China
Death toll at the Meilong Expressway collapse in Guangdong: 48
2 mois il y a
US official urges China, Russia to declare only humans, not AI, control nuclear weapons
Les États-Unis ont imposé des sanctions à plus d'une douzaine d'entreprises en Chine et à Hong Kong pour leur soutien à la guerre russe en Ukraine. Des mesures rapides après que Blinken a averti la Chine la semaine dernière d'une action américaine sur ce front si la Chine ne mettait pas fin au soutien critique à la Russie en matière de double usage.
Chinese Defense Minister: We will continue to strengthen the partnership between Moscow and Beijing in the military field
The Chinese President meets the US Secretary of State in Beijing
Iran’s deputy foreign minister Ali Bagheri met China president’s special envoy in Moscow2 mois il y a
Iran’s deputy foreign minister Ali Bagheri met China president’s special envoy in Moscow
2 mois il y a
Iran and China defense ministers met in Kazakhstan on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s meeting
Chinese President to Blinken: We hope that the United States will adopt a positive view of China's development
The US Secretary of State says he held "extensive and constructive" talks with his Chinese counterpart
China's foreign minister on Friday urged visiting US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to address rising disagreements or risk a "downward spiral" between the two powers after months of efforts to ease tensions
TikTok's owner ByteDance would prefer to 'shut down' its app in the US rather than sell it if all legal options are exhausted - Reuters
Un navire lié aux expéditions d'armes nord-coréennes vers la Russie est amarré en Chine (Département d'Etat)
The Chinese Army: We are ready to work with all countries to enhance communication and trust and play a positive role in building a safe maritime society
The US Secretary of State arrives in Beijing for talks with senior Chinese officials
TikTok CEO: We will fight against the American ban in the courts
.@SecBlinken has arrived in Shanghai - the first of two stops on his China trip
US Senate approves bill banning TikTok unless Chinese owner ByteDance sells platform
La Chine dénonce les accusations américaines de soutien à l'armée russe, les qualifiant de "sans fondement"
3 mois il y a
Police have arrested a staff member of the German far-right Alternative for Germany party on suspicion of espionage for China. The employee is said to work for the AfD's top candidate for the European Parliament elections, Maximilian Krah
3 mois il y a
Secretary Blinken:We remain focused on promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific. In today's @G7 meeting, we discussed the need for peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, the South China Sea, and the Korean Peninsula, and our efforts to strengthen and reimagine relationships in the region
The Chinese Ministry of Defense announces the formation of a new cyber military force