15 Juillet 2024
[China’s 8th launch in 2024] At UTC 03:06 Feb 3, 9 satellites were successfully launched by Smart Dragon/Jielong-3 rocket at Yangjiang, Guangdong. It’s also the 3rd launch of commercial Jielong-3 rocket series. HD:
Chair of the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party - @RepGallagher - calls for the US to ban or force the sale of TikTok "The time is now to act" he says
US concerns about China - "The issue is not China’s rise in itself but the threatening actions that increasingly accompany it" per @CIA's William Burns, writing in @ForeignPolicy. XI Jinping's "growing repression at home and his aggressiveness abroad are impossible to ignore"
Taiwan Ministry of Defense:9 PLA aircraft and 4 PLAN vessels were detected operating around Taiwan until 06:00 (UTC 8) today. ROCArmedForces monitored the situation and tasked appropriate forces to respond5 mois il y a
Taiwan Ministry of Defense:9 PLA aircraft and 4 PLAN vessels were detected operating around Taiwan until 06:00 (UTC 8) today. ROCArmedForces monitored the situation and tasked appropriate forces to respond
China announces the sentencing of a Briton to five years in prison on charges of espionage
5 mois il y a
Taiwan Ministry of Defense:Overall 23 PLA aircraft in various types (including SU-30, Y-8, UAVs, etc.) were detected along the southeastern coast of Mainland China from 1600hr today
Sources told Reuters: China asked Iran to urge the Houthis to reduce escalation and exercise restraint
National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan is flying to Thailand to discuss the Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping with China’s foreign minister Wang Yi
China-linked hacker group Blackwood hijacks app updates (Tencent QQ, WPS Office) to inject "NSPX30" spy implant. It steals data, captures keystrokes, and takes screenshots
5 mois il y a
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 234 km SSW of Yanglong, China
5 mois il y a
Magnitude 7.0 earthquake hits near China-Kyrgyzstan border: USGS
5 mois il y a
A 5.5 magnitude earthquake occurred 75.81mi WNW of Aykol, China.
5 mois il y a
An earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale shakes the border area between Kyrgyzstan and China's Xinjiang
Iran and China DepFMs had a phone call over bilateral, regional and international issues
5 mois il y a
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 20 km S of Bowangshan, China
Pakistani media: Chinese mediation to calm the situation between Iran and Pakistan has failed
US issues guidance "to raise awareness of the threats posed" by China-manufactured drones". Chinese-manufactured UAS risks exposing sensitive information that jeopardizes US national security, economic security & public health & safety" per @CISAJen
Philippines defence minister calls out China official for "gutter-level talk"
6 mois il y a
Chinese Prime Minister: Lack of confidence exacerbates risks to global growth
6 mois il y a
The Kremlin: China is an important strategic partner for our country and we will work to develop relations with it
US Department of State: On the 10th anniversary of Uyghur human rights activist Ilham Tohti’s detention in the PRC, we call on the PRC to cease its genocide and crimes against humanity and to immediately and unconditionally release Tohti and all those arbitrarily detained in Xinjiang
Chinese Foreign Minister: We call for an end to the harassment of civilian ships in the Red Sea
Chinese Foreign Ministry: Washington is sending wrong messages to independence groups in Taiwan
The Chinese army pledges to crush any attempt at Taiwan independence on the eve of its presidential elections
6 mois il y a
China announces a ceasefire between the Myanmar military junta and armed groups
6 mois il y a
Taiwan foreign minister criticized election interference from China and said he hopes China could hold elections too
China calls on the United States not to interfere in the presidential elections in Taiwan
China warns voters in Taiwan that an election win by presidential frontrunner Lai Ching-te poses a "severe danger" to cross-strait ties, days before the self-ruled island heads to the polls. "If he comes to power, he will further push for 'Taiwan independence' separatist activities (and create) turbulence in the Taiwan Strait," a China's Taiwan Affairs Office statement says
Chinese President Xi Jinping meets Maldives Prez Muizzu in Beijing
Chinese President: The world needs stability in Sino-American relations