6 December 2023
In response, a Hong Kong gov't spokesperson said: "the freedoms of the press and speech must comply with the restrictions of the law for reasons including protection of national security
Lithuania's top diplomat called on the world to stand up to China and Russia's alleged human rights violations during a visit to Australia, while acknowledging there would be a 'cost' to taking such actions.
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Taiwan Ministry of Defense:5 PLA aircraft (Y-8 EW, Y-8 ELINT, Y-8 ASW and J-16*2) entered #Taiwan's southwest ADIZ on February 9, 2022
Taiwan Ministry of Defense: images of PLA aircraft (Y-8 EW, Y-8 ELINT, Y-8 ASW and J-16*2) entered Taiwan’s southwest ADIZ on February 9, 20221 Rok Pred
Taiwan Ministry of Defense: images of PLA aircraft (Y-8 EW, Y-8 ELINT, Y-8 ASW and J-16*2) entered #Taiwan’s southwest ADIZ on February 9, 2022
Hong Kong protests: former student leader detained ahead of sentencing for charges of resisting arrest, perverting justice
Hong Kong court rejects US lawyer's appeal over police assault, judge rules guidelines on force 'not relevant'
Deep concern expressed by the US and 20 other countries about the attacks on freedom of the press and suppression of independent local media in HongKong
Duda: I talked to president XiJinping and I am optimistic after this conversation. We are well perceived by China as a business partner. They can also stop military actions that interfere with the conduct of business
New submarine type seen in China1 Rok Pred
New submarine type seen in China
Australian diplomats denied access to citizen detained in Hong Kong
China announces that it will take all possible measures to protect its security in response to a US missile deal to Taiwan
China firmly rejects the US deal to develop Taiwan's missile system
32 athletes are in isolation at the Chinese Winter Olympics after Coronavirus tests
.@StateDept approves potential sale to Taiwan of equipment/support services "designed to sustain, maintain, and improve the Patriot Air Defense System". Proposed deal would be 5 years/$100 million
NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg calls Russia–China statement an "attempt to denynations the right to make their own choices." "We must respect sovereign decisions, not return to an age of spheres of influence where the big powers can tell others what they can or cannot do
After meeting Polish President Duda, NATO chief Stoltenberg criticizes China's backing of Russia's demand for the alliance to limit membership as an "attempt to deny sovereign nations the right to make their own choices." Stoltenberg calls on Moscow to accept his offer of talks
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US Navy P8 Poseidon AE6806 active near #Taiwan
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Liz Truss:We completely reject any questions over sovereignty of the Falklands. The Falklands are part of the British family and we will defend their right to self determination. China must respect the Falklands' sovereignty
Meeting of the President @AndrzejDuda with Xi Jinping. photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC
.@StateDept says 1m+ mostly Muslim minorities, are in detention camps in China & subjected to sterilization, abortions, rape, torture & forced labor. @marcorubio points to @nike as a US company benefiting from that supply chain. $NKE
Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan met with President of China, Mr. Xi Jinping on 6 February 2022
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Taiwan Ministry of Defense:2 PLA Y-8 ASW entered #Taiwan's southwest ADIZ on February 6, 2022
China: Xi Jinping meets Turkmen leader Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov
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Taiwan Ministry of Defense:2 PLA aircraft (Y-8 RECCE and Y-8 ASW) entered #Taiwan's southwest ADIZ on February 5, 2022
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Hong Kong extends lockdown on Tuen Mun estate into second night after 26 Covid-19 cases detected
.@jensstoltenberg responds to Russia & China: "This is not about NATO expansion, but respecting the right of every sovereign nation to choose its own path. NATO has never forced any country into our Alliance. Enlargement has spread freedom & democracy."
Dutch public broadcasting reporter @sjoerddendaas in Beijing pulled away by authorities while on air
News Corp was the target of a hack that accessed emails & documents of some employees, including @WSJ journalists, an incursion the company's cybersecurity consultant said was likely meant to gather intelligence to benefit China
A new Chinese cyber-espionage group has been seen abusing a zero-day vulnerability in the Zimbra collaboration suite to gain access to the email inboxes of European governments and media agencies
Russia and China signed an agreement on cooperation of GLONASS and BeiDou. Systems will complement each other