21 January 2022
1 year ago
Since March, Chinese fighter jets have harassed U.S. spy planes "at least nine times" in South China Sea, according to deputy assistant secretary of defense for Southeast Asia, Reed Werner. U.S. destroyer Mustin also had "unsafe" encounter with Chinese warship last month
Why did coronavirus spread in the rest of the world and not in the rest of China, asks @POTUS
POTUS says he feels differently than he did three months ago about the Phase One Trade Deal with China. He says the Coronavirus started in China and could have been contained. Coronavirus
Czech Senate President @Vystrcil_Milos said today that his office was pressure by the Chinese Embassy in Prague not to congratulate @iingwen publicly. So he congratulated the Taiwanese president publicly, praising Taiwan as a democracy. What a way to say "screw you, commies"
"The farmers were targeted by China," says @POTUS
The United States imposes sanctions on a Chinese logistics company for activities related to Iran
1 year ago
China envoy to @WHO calls US support for Taiwan "political hype" and "this conduct is not acceptable."
Taiwan "must be welcomed to contribute to, not be excluded from," @WHO meetings, says US statement. "This is extremely concerning especially when this pandemic is partly aggravated."
HongKong Liberal Party founding chairman Allen Lee has died aged 80. Chief Executive Carrie Lam has expressed her condolences
HongKong - Limitation on public gatherings under COVID19 will be extended until June 4, which implies that the annual June4 vigil organised by @hka8964 at Victoria Park will likely be banned. If so, it will be the first time in over 3 decades
Chinese Foreign Ministry: Trump's message to the WHO is an attempt to divert attention from its inefficiency in dealing with coronavirus
China criticizes Trump's statements about the World Health Organization and considers that the US President seeks to "mislead public opinion and discredit Beijing"
Coronavirus – Hong Kong extends social distancing rules and public gathering restriction
The US President: WHO is a game in China's hands and I will make the final decision about our funding for them soon
"They're a puppet of China," says @POTUS of @WHO
Meanwhile, @Apple has given in to demands of authoritarian governments, such as China and Russia, adds Barr
Failure of @WHO cost lives and there was an apparent attempt to conceal the COVID19 outbreak by at least one member state (China), @SecAzar tells World Health Assembly
1 year ago
Taiwan president's office targeted in suspected cyberattack
China says it will send a team to Israel to return the body of its ambassador
1 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.2 - 28km WNW of Wenping, China
WHO Director: An independent investigation will be conducted into the response to the Coronavirus "at an appropriate time"
The Chinese President: Any vaccines our country will develop against the Coronavirus will become a public good
China has pledged US$2bn over two years to tackle Covid19, says leader Xi Jinping
Chinese leader Xi Jinping is speaking at the opening of the WHO's World Health Assembly
Chinese border defense troops have enhanced control measures in the Galwan Valley region along China-India border in response to India's facility construction that crossed into Chinese territories since early May: source
Margaret Ng – in court over charges relating to two HongKongProtests – had this to say during a lawyers rally on August 7: "One of the most important things about rule of law is prosecution must not be abused, because if abused it is the most powerful instrument of oppression."
1 year ago
Reuters: TSMC halts Huawei orders after us tightens restrictions - Nikkei
"Self autonomy does not exist anymore," said Tanya Chan when pro-democracy lawmakers meet the press after the meeting ends. "The election result has revoked Legco's previous practices, including parliament rules.Pro-establishment camp is the culprit."
1 year ago
Calls for a probe on COVID19 increasing before annual WHO meeting: "A group of more than 50 African nations has also thrown its weight behind the group, meaning 116 countries are co-sponsoring the draft motion."
Pro-Beijing lawmaker Chan Kin-por who chairs a chaotic House Committee meeting has announced that DAB Starry Lee has won the House Committee chair election, after he orderd security guards to remove pan-dem lawmakers from the meeting one after another
Pro-Beijing lawmaker Starry Lee is elected as Legco's house committee chairwoman by vote 40-nil, where pro-democracy lawmakers are either thrown out or have boycotted the voting
The remaining lawmakers - largely from the pro-Beijing camp - cast their votes in the election of the House Committee chair, as Labour Party lawmaker Fernando Cheung continues to chant "Chan Kin-por is cheating."
With only a handful of democrats left in the meeting room, the House Committee moves ahead with the election of its chair, as LegCo staff hand out ballot papers
Ray Chan of People Power is taken out of the meeting room by security
IT sector lawmaker Charles Mok is also taken out of the meeting room by security
Wu Chi-wai from the Democratic Party is taken out of the meeting room by security
Civic Party's Alvin Yeung is taken out of the meeting room by security
Democrat Claudia Mo temporarily bypasses the line of security guards to speak to Chan Kin-por, as Andrew Wan from the Democratic Party sits on the floor refusing to leave
Pro-Beijing lawmakers have started a rival chant: "Chan Kin-por, good job."
Pro-democracy lawmaker Eddie Chiu is taken out of the meeting room by security
Several diplomatic sources cautioned that putting Taiwan issue to a vote during a short, virtual meeting would be an unsurmountable logistical challenge and would "torpedo" the entire WHO assembly
HongKong pro-democracy lawmakers scuffle with security guards as one member of the camp after another is ordered out of a House Committee meeting. Proceedings are adjourned as Chu Hoi-dick lies injured on the floor.
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