Map. History of China conflict

20 Марта 2018

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USAF B-52H's NOLAN01 and 02 departed Andersen at 2325z - South China Sea mission   MARSA with KC-135R USHER215 час назад
USAF B-52H's NOLAN01 and 02 departed Andersen at 2325z - South China Sea mission MARSA with KC-135R USHER21
6 час назад
Chinese state media outlet suggests 'military' response to US legislation on Taiwan, which came into effect Friday after President Donald Trump signed the bill
14 час назад
India and Hong Kong have signed an Agreement for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with respect to taxes on income
17 час назад
Large retailers urge Trump against China tariffs
19 час назад
Си Цзиньпин заявил, что уверен в способности русского народа добиться нового прогресса в национальном развитии при руководстве Путина
20 час назад
Си Цзиньпин поздравил Путина с победой на президентских выборах, в ходе телефонного разговора
20 час назад
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has spoken with Chinese President Xi Jinping about steel overcapacity and the US threat of tariffs G20 G20argentina
20 час назад
Two incidents on Hong Kong roads leave one dead and 10 injured
20 час назад
China forms new economic team as President Xi kicks off second term
1 день назад
China's Premier Li re-elected by parliament to premiership
1 день назад
Senior graft-buster appointed head of China's new anti-corruption body
China propaganda kicks into overdrive as 'helmsman' Xi re-anointed president1 день назад
China propaganda kicks into overdrive as 'helmsman' Xi re-anointed president
2 день назад
KCNA: "The message hoped that the Chinese people would achieve bigger success in building socialism with the Chinese characteristics for a new era under the guidance of the Communist Party of China with Xi Jinping at the core."
2 день назад
Путин поздравил Си Цзиньпина с переизбранием на пост председателя КНР
3 день назад
Xi Jinping has been reappointed as China's president with no limit on the number of terms he can serve.
Industry sources say U.S. Customs and Border Patrol to begin collecting steel and aluminum tariffs on March 23
3 день назад
Hong Kong moves toward banning booing Chinese national anthem
3 день назад
Senior Chinese foreign policy advisor's visit to South Korea delayed by a week
3 день назад
Tibet can exist with China like 'European Union' - Dalai Lama
Trump to consider trade measures against China 'in coming weeks': advisor
Navarro says China has destabilized the world trading system
"China's intent is crystal clear and we ignore it at our peril" warns @PacificCommand Cmdr Admiral Harry Harris. "I'm concerned China will work to undermine the rules-based international order"
"China's impressive military build up could soon challenge the UnitedStates across almost every domain" says @PacificCommand's Admiral Harris
Adm. Harris repeats previous China warning to Congress: if Pentagon doesn't make advancements in hypersonic missiles and other technology, U.S. will "struggle to compete" with Beijing on future battlefields
Pacific Command's Admiral Harris also warns on China - "leveraging military modernization, influence operations and predatory economics to coerce neighboring countries to reorder the IndoPacific to their advantage"
5 день назад
В аэропорту Пекина заметили министра иностранных дел Северной Кореи перед саммитом, который инициировали США
Kudlow says China has not played by the trade rules for a long time
5 день назад
ЕС и Китай призывают Талибан принять предложение о переговорах: посол ЕС
5 день назад
Китай надеется, что увольнение Тиллерсона не повлияет на китайско-американские отношения и переговоры с КНДР
Administration official tells Reuters that China tariffs aimed at tech and IP, could cover more than 100 products
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